Class 1A (highest class) Austrian Imported Filly Sevruga x Sella.

In 2014 we had the opportunity to attend the World Filly Auction, at the Fohlenoff in Ebbs, Austria. While Mike’s father had made the trip several times, this was Jacque’s first trip over. Jacque selected Sinna, a beautiful weanling filly to be the future mare of Woodward Performance Haflingers. Sinna stayed in Austria until June 2015, when Mike, Jacque, along with Joe and Gwen Wells, attended the World Haflinger Show, held once only every 5 years. There, we were one of four farms representing the United States. Sinna stood 11th in a very competitive (and largest class of the entire show, yearlings) which were divided into 4 groups. Later, for the Nations Class, Sinna was named the Reserve World Champion! We could not be more pleased or excited to own and import this outstanding mare to the US. We hope that her unique lines will help with outcrossing in the United States, and her fine bone, beautiful head and neck, along with amazing stride will help us continue to stand out in the competition ring and promoting the all around performance Haflinger. We also would like to thank Bill and Chuck Hendershot of Hendershot Haflingers, NY, and Max and Patti Montoya of Hebron KY. Mike showed Patti’s filly, Flyaway at the World show to an impressive 14th placing!

Since that amazing time, Sinna has grown up! Now a lovely 6 year old mare, Sinna is excelling in both driving as well as classical and western dressage! She was named the overall high point of over 155 rides at the Buckeye Gold Classic Western Dressage Show, winning and beating Stacey Westfall out for the overall title!

Year end Highlights for 2020
Haflinger Championship Challenge Year End Champion Open Western Division.
Reserve Champion Western Dressage Division
Received her 50 hours mark for the American Haflinger Registry Golden Path Recreation Program

Year end Highlights for 2018
Awarded 5 th place of the USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Region 2 (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin) Schooling Show Program Open Division! To achieve this, Sinna had to receive a minimum of 4 USDF scores by 2 different rated judges among ALL breeds!
Mid Ohio Dressage Association (MODA) Open Introductory Level Western Dressage Champion 73.113% average
Mid Ohio Dressage Association (MODA) Open Introductory Level Classical Dressage 4th place overall
Mid Ohio Dressage Association (MODA) Perpetual Trophy ‘South Wind Stables Western Dressage Award) was presented to Sinna ‘This perpetual trophy is donated by Amy Rothe-Hietter in honor of her first horse, an Appaloosa, Chief Cody Snow. The winner is from Western Dressage horse and rider team, having the highest average of 4 scores at any one level
Buckeye Haflinger Show Reserve High Point Intro Level
National Haflinger Sport Horse Show Reserve High Point Intro Level