Opal MJW

Opal was shown at the 2008 American Haflinger Registry Nationals and placed 2nd in her futurity class and 6th in her weanling halter class at three months of age! Opal is friendly and she loads, ties, clips, bathes, lunges walk and trot and loads in a semi trailer! She was weaned Aug 2, 2008. For the summer of 2009, Opal has continued in her advanced ground work, including, bathing, clipping, lunging etc. She LOVES attention, and will come away from the herd to be with you!

This lovely filly was long overdue! Our first A Rock baby, and the first foal that Woodward Performance Haflingers has purchased the mare, collected A Rock, bred the mare, checked the mare in foal, and was there for the foaling process. This is quite a special girl! She is named Opal after the special gem stone, ‘Rock’ This filly is eligible for the SIP (Stallion Incentive Program), American Haflinger Registry Futurity and AHR National Show. O Mai was sold last year to Regine Nickle and Woodward Performance Haflingers retained ownership of the foal. Thank you to Regine for allowing O Mai to come back to our farm for the foaling process!

O Mai kept us guessing for two days, and I stayed up with her the entire night before. Then this afternoon she was outside in the arena with the other mares, and came in this evening, ate her hay, and proceeded to foal!