Marquis MJW

Marquis was inspected 78 points, high silver June 2012!

2012 show season is under way! Marquis winning the open pony walk/trot class April 29, 2012 All Ohio Show Horse Organization Show! Marquis also won the open pony halter class!

2009 American Haflinger Registry National Show Winner Pleasure Yearling Filly Halter and Reserve Grand Champion Junior Filly, standing second only to her sister, Magdalena BOB, who then went on to be Grand Champion Mare!

I have adored this filly since she was born. The perfect cross, amazing pedigree, movement, and temperament. This sweet girl is named our ‘princess’ and she is just that in every essence of the word. Exactly what we want for our breeding program, show string, and in the performance ring. If you are a serious breeder, or are looking to become serious, it doesn’t get much better than this. Pull all the politics out, look at the horse, movement, conformation, color, and size, and she sets the standard. Look at what her sire produces, look at what her dam has produced, and imagine what she will produce!

My beautiful Marquis has been sold. She will be exported out of the country in Oct. We wish her new owners all the best with this special girl, we love her and will miss her so much!

Finally, Finally, Finally! A Rock X Mandolyn RVRW! It’s a girl!!!!! May 22, 2008 12:40 pm

THIS is the baby we have been waiting for! One word, PHENOMENAL!!!

This long legged girl is what we as breeders hope for. This filly has the legs, refinement, color, and conformation to be our next champion.

After two nights of me watching Mandy on the camera, I took Johnathan to the babysitters, and started the day training the horses. After I finished with A Rock I turned Mandy out in the arena and she just looked miserable. I brought her back in, and turned the ponies out along with Jolly, who is ALSO overdue! I cleaned tack and was starting to pick stalls when I figured I should leave the barn and let Mandy be. I went in the house and started doing some work and figured I had better check the camera. I went to take a peek, and there was Mandy laying down! I looked at my watch 12:30!!!! What horse foals in the middle of the afternoon??? So I thought perhaps she was just resting, but no, she stretched out and I headed to the barn. There was already one leg coming out, but nothing else. Since I was home by myself, I didn’t want to risk not being able to handle this on my own, I called my step dad and told him I needed help. I then went in the stall. One foot, then the nose, still waiting for the other leg….waiting…waiting….there it is!!! I grabbed the other leg and waited for Mandy to push, but the baby wasn’t moving! So I waited, pulling with each contraction, I just wasn’t strong enough. I braced myself against Mandy, waiting, and then the head came! I opened the sack and cleared the foal’s nostrils and waited again for the contractions and Mandy to push. Finally the shoulders came! All was well. By the time Joe arrived, the filly was trying to get up. What a story! 🙂