Farrah Lou SFF

Farrah was born March 3, 2001. She is silver classified with a 77 rating along with her mother being silver and her father bring gold! I love the Winterschon X Flamingo combination. Mieke used her as a broodmare and personal driving horse.
Farrah has always delivered for us, no matter what. After four years of being a great mom, we were in need of a driving horse for my mom. We took Farrah out of the field, and started driving her again. Even after four years of not having anything done with her, she proved how wonderful she is and was perfect. Seven days later, we took her to the Fall Frolic, with a mini marathon and cones course on Saturday and ADT on Sunday. This was my first time driving a marathon, or cones course, and also Farrah’s as Mike normally drives these courses, he had Mandolyn RVRW there. Farrah won the Saturday Marathon Course, and placed 3rd in the cones, even though she had the fasted time, my accuracy was off, and we hit four cones! That is huge penalty points, but we were so fast, we still pulled off 3rd place! While we were there, Bob and Susan Burrows saw her, and had been looking for a mate for their mare for Combined Driving Events. We hooked Farrah with their mare, drove them, they worked great together, and we ended up selling Farrah to the Burrows! While we will certainly miss Farrah, she has another calling at this time as a Combined Driving Horse, and while we show a lot, we simply can’t show them all, and we felt Farrah needed to head back into the showring.

Congratulations to Bob and Susan Burrows on the purchase of Farrah Lou SFF, and sorry to my mom, as once again, I keep selling her driving horses!