Corosa Lou SFF

‘Cora’ is five year old mare born 4-15-2004 and stands 57 inches tall. We aren’t sure how to get any better or more prominent bloodlines in a pedigree, with Neumeister TOF, Amadeus, Nabucco, Standard, and Winterstein all within the first four generation! We purchased Cora because she went through an auction and had limited training. Being out of our mare, Cindarella II SFF, whom we had just sold, we knew that she would have an exceptional temperament and that we would be able to put the training on her and then find her a suitable home. She would be a wonderful cross with our stallion, A Rock, however by the time we purchased her, our breeding season was over for 09.

Cora has since been in full time riding training with us. She is currently enjoying being out on the trails and is doing 4-6 hour rides, and is also doing arena work. This is a sweet mare, who craves attention, is quite the lady and loves to be brushed and petted and told how beautiful she is. This mare has had complete beginners on her on the trails, and will ride alone, in a group, front, middle, or back of the pack. She has been exposed to anything and everything we can think of including traffic, rivers, lakes, streams, railroad tracks, walked and trotted through town, to the local Ice Cream store, has been tied on tie lines, she is an excellent trail horse!

SOLD! Congratulations to Ken! Cora is going to be used as a therapy horse and trail horse!