Atom SFF

Atom is a Five year old gelding born 5-10-2004. He stands 59 solid inches tall. Atom is an amazing cross of the most prestigious pedigrees in the Haflinger world. A Rock, Alpenstein, Archimedes, Winterstein, Amadeus, it just doesn’t get much better!

Atom is well broke to ride English or Western, and is being trail ridden 2-4 days a week this summer, the other days he is working on arena work, bending, collection, and headset. In July, he attended the Ohio Haflinger Association Ridden Trail Ride at Salt Fork National Park for three days. He hung out tied to the tie line, went on a 12 mile, 6 hour ride on Saturday, and a 6 mile ride on Sunday! He is comfortable in the back, middle, or front of the pack, will willingly jump logs, goes across water like a champ, in fact we helped others cross the streams, and he was the first one swimming and trotting in the lake! For lunch, he tied to a rail, and just hung out. Atom loads, clips, ties, bathes, stands for the tie line, farrier, vet care etc etc. He has no vices. He has a solid walk/trot/canter, and a great stop. Atom also drives single!

We took Atom to the Western PA Haflinger Show in July and he placed in all of his classes, the lowest he placed was 4th! Our plan for this year was to put Atom on our show string, however we were asked to bring Alonizio CCF (also an A Rock Son) back onto our string, and so Atom will only be on our limited show string for the 09 season.

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Atom has been sold to a new home in Delaware, Ohio where he will be a Hunter/Jumper and family trail horse! Congratulations Ashleigh!