A Rock

In Memory of my beloved horse and best friend. Feb 1997- Aug 5, 2011

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I announce the passing of my beloved stallion, A Rock. He left us on August 5th, 2011, as I was unable to save him. I am still not able to talk about his passing, and I apologize to all of my clients, friends, and Haflinger owners and lovers whom I have not told. Until now, only family knew of his passing, so no one is to feel neglected or left out for not being told.

To all who had the pleasure to see him, you know what a loss this is to the Haflinger world. To those who have a son or daughter from him, go to the barn and give them a hug and know that you have something special. There will never be another who I will have the connection as I did with him, he truly was one of a kind. Please remember him.

In 2012 A Rock was awarded the ‘Star’ Status award for having a minimum of 6 offspring achieve ‘Silver’ status (the top 10% in the world) Only 7 stallions have achieved this in North America.

I was never so proud of A Rock and I as when we competed at the National Show in Hunter over Fences classes. My western pleasure horse became the perfect partner with me in our over fences classes and we worked for a year on jumping. Of all the championships I have ever won on any horse, my second place ribbon in our class still means more to me than any championship or award because we did the absolute best we could do, he gave me his entire heart, trust, and confidence, and he carried me through the course with all the lead changes and correct take off spots with the grace and athleticism only A Rock could bring to the ring. We were completely together and as one.

My true all around performance horse. This is what I hope all our Haflingers can achieve, the heart, ambition, trainability, talent, trust, and love with just enough orneriness’ to keep it interesting.

The idea is excellence. Excellence in every aspect. Conformation, movement, temperament, color, size, trainability and ‘win-ability’ A Rock was the stallion who achieved that in show arena, our breeding program, and hearts. He is deeply missed.

A Rock earned the highest honor in the Haflinger World by being classified ‘GOLD’ According to the World Haflinger Federation Standards. There are only three other Gold stallions in North America who have been approved and inspected World Haflinger Federation approved inspectors (the other 2 being Winterschon CCF, and Adanac). Only the top 1% of Haflingers in the world have the honor of being Gold. He was a great outcross option in the US as his offspring do not have any Nabucco, Winterstein or Afghan blood 6 generations back! A Rock is a extremely versatile horse, excelling in Hunter under saddle, dressage, western pleasure, trail, and pleasure driving.

A Rock offspring are unique, have very kind dispositions, are extremely smart and that being the case do very well in all around performance events which is our goal at Woodward Performance Haflingers. Since these offspring are so straightforward to train, they are very willing to learn. His offspring also tend to be ‘late bloomers’ and mature when they are around five years old, so not great for futurity babies when judges like a more filled out ‘mature’ looking foal, (although filly Marquis MJW taking 2nd place in 2008 is hardly anything to be upset about for a three month old!) however once they hit the ring as three year olds the true potential shines through.

A Rock was introduced to me as a two year old, recently imported from Austria. I started him under saddle and had a instant connection with this horse. Something that to this day I have yet to find with another horse in the capacity that I had with A Rock. He is the reason I switched to the Haflinger breed.