A Rock Solid Investment MJW

‘Jag’ is a four year old gelding bred and born on our farm. This guy has had several names to start his young life. A Rock Solid Investment MJW is his registered name as he will be a contender for my next all around performance horse. I nicknamed him ‘Jag’ per his stripe and it just seemed fitting. Mike soon started calling him ‘Tank’ after he was born because this colt became quite massive quite quickly. I was surprised at how coarse he became so young, and yet I held out that he would grow into his body and things would even and smooth out, and they have. Jag was our largest yearling. It is quite a surprise but he is starting grow into his massive self. He has an amazing laid back personality, nothing bothers him and he is quite playful out in the field. At four, he is coming into his size quite nicely, has a pretty, ground covering trot, and nice canter. Jag has started our foundation training program which also includes many Clinton Anderson techniques. In April 2013 Jag has been started under saddle and is progressing great! Such a quiet horse and tries really hard! Been out at the AEP trail grounds by himself and was a complete pro! Handled everything great!

Lilly Langtree HFB foaled a lovely stud colt sired by A Rock March 26, 2009 at 11:15 pm. We are THRILLED with this stud colt. Let me just say what an amazing mom Lilly is. She was very attentive to her foal, without being over protective, and we were just amazed with how great of a mom she is! That means a lot to us in our broodmare herd. This guy is quite large with super long legs! He is all boy that is for sure! Lilly is out of Lesta, an imported foundation mare from Mike’s dad’s herd, who passed away earlier this year at age 25. Marzog was a wonderful stallion who Dean imported. Marzog was one of the prettiest, more graceful Haflingers I have ever witnessed. He was very intelligent, nimble, and expressive. I hope that this colt will bring the best of both parents and grandparents and become my next all around performance horse.