A Boulder Le-La

‘Bold’ is a four year old gelding that we purchased as a weanling, sight unseen because of him being a son of our stallion A Rock. He was quite a lovely boy even then. We sold him as a two year old, with our foundation training to a Haflinger family in Ohio. They have owned him since then, and he has been the wife’s main trail riding horse until last summer. The children took over riding him and rode him through the spring of this year, when they got some other horses. They contacted us back and asked us to help sell Bold to a new home as he didn’t really like working in the manure spreader, and they didn’t just want a trail riding horse only, their horses had to be able to do farm work also. We readily agreed and received Bold back on Thursday, Aug 27. On Saturday, Aug 29, we took five Haflingers, including Bold to the local Bridle Trails. We saddled him up, and headed out! Bold was absolutely wonderful except for being a bit out of shape as he is a tad heavier than we have our horses, he walk/trotted/cantered on cue, went down into the stream, etc. We are continuing to evaluate him this weekend to see who he will be best suited for, as well as him riding by himself etc. However this gelding has A LOT of trail miles on him and should be an excellent match for anyone who wants to head out on the trails and not worry about how long it has been since the horse has been ridden! Video links are below from our first trip out with him.

Bold has been sold to a new home in MN! Congratulations JoAnn!