For Sale

We offer well started geldings and young stallions in both riding and driving. Our Haflingers are all started properly with each horse evaluated for soundness as well as the mentality needed to ensure our Haflingers are safe, calm and happy throughout the training process. We are sure to have what you are looking for whether it be a top of the line show Haflinger, competitive all-around horse, a trail horse, 4-H horse, or a reasonably priced family horse for everyone to love. Generally all of our Haflingers that are in training have been out on the trails because we feel it is a vital part of their training to be in different situations so that we can accurately determine what type of person or family the horse will be best suited for when sold. Our young stallions are picked from the best bloodlines that we feel will cross best with mares currently in the US. Our motto is a good stallion makes a great gelding, but we do sometimes find exceptional stallion candidates that we feel will improve the Haflinger breed.

We pride ourselves in matching the best horse and rider/driver combination. We are completely honest about our horses level of training, and at what level we think the horse will be able to advance to and will tell our clients that up front. We want to help you find the best Haflinger for your situation that everyone will be happy with, all the while not compromising the quality or training of the Haflinger.

Please be advised that while some people price a horse to then ‘bargain’ it down, we do not do this. All our prices are firm so please be aware of this. We also understand that the economy is down and many people are attempting to get rid of their horses at basement bargain prices and that the auction prices are low. However, cost of keeping, breeding, and training our Haflingers has increased. People have different ways of pricing their horses. Our Haflingers are priced by the simple notion of ‘if we had to replace this particular horse, what would it cost us?’ The temperament, conformation, bloodlines, training, and show ring experience. At Woodward Performance Haflingers you get the total package, not just an auction ‘bargain’ that someone else didn’t want anymore so they dropped it off. Ask sellers where they obtained their Haflinger, how long they have had it and what they have done with it. If they just purchased it two weeks ago from an auction, how do they really know that it is safe for your child? Our horses training, show records, conformation, movement and training is NOT found at auctions. There are the ‘diamond in the roughs’ that we have found, but never a fully made, ready to go horse for the auction price. Just know what you are looking for, adjust accordingly and know that you will find what you want. Don’t settle for anything less. We do take deposits to hold horses and we accept payments.

Our Haflingers are allowed to roam on 80 acres. This allows them to become well socialized and helps them to be healthy, sound, and content animals. When you come to our farm you will love the sight of the Haflingers roaming on the hills. If you call ahead and tell us what you are looking for we will be sure to have the horses in and ready for you to view. Our Haflingers on our show string are kept indoors for the duration of the show season, with daily exercise turnout as well as training. When our show season is completed, (generally the middle of October) they too are then turned out to enjoy themselves. We feel that by allowing our horses to be outdoors in large, rolling pastures that we have healthier, happier horses who are willing and content to perform for us when asked.

Please e-mail at or call us at 740-829-2735 if you do not see what you are looking for! We do not have ‘older’ Haflingers for sale that are ‘dead broke’ and ‘bomb proof’ as we do not believe any horse can be safely labeled either of these titles. When we do have child safe Haflingers for sale, they are not $1,000 or under. Just ask yourself ‘how much is my child’s safety worth to have a baby sitter horse?’

Note: Deposits can be made to hold a horse, however all deposits are nonrefundable.

We had a unfortunate incident in which we trusted an individual when they said they would pay for the horse when the horse arrived. Going on their word, we shipped the horse and awaited payment, which was never received. After lengthy phone calls and problems we were required to go pick the horse up which they did not want to release. Because of this single individual, we are unfortunately unable to ship any of our Haflingers to their new home without full payment received. We are sorry for any inconvenience in that we are no longer able to offer this option because of the actions of one individual person.