Woodward Performance Haflingers is a family run breeding, training, and showing facility nestled in the hills of Coshocton, Ohio. Mike and Jacque, along with their two sons, Johnathan age 14 and Ty age 9, have owned and operated this unique training facility since becoming married in 2001. Mike’s family, however has close to 40 years in the Haflinger world, being key Haflinger breeders, and enthusiasts in the Haflinger world competing in the draft show world, along with operating the day to day operations in one of the original Haflinger Registries from their home, the Haflinger Registry of North America (HRNA) for decades.
Mike and Jacque set out to start their own operation of breeding registered Haflinger Horses according to the World Haflinger Federation Standards, in 2000 and started training the all-around performance Haflinger that is equally at home in harness or under saddle. By breeding and training the horses to be ideal for the adult amateur, youth rider and anyone wanting to improve on or start their own Haflinger breeding program , success is ensured.
The farm is always busy!
January-March: foaling season and client horse training
March-June: breeding season (client mares arrive)
June-Oct: show season for our personal horses and client horses (spanning 5 states)
Oct-Nov: trail riding and starting of the young horses under saddle and in harness
December: family time
Both are available for clinics in a variety of disciplines from halter/sport horse preparation, starting colts, confidence building, driving pleasure and draft style and both enjoy judging shows. Please contact for rates and available dates! Also judging events!

They enjoy having 4-H clubs, FFA, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts come to the farm to learn about horses and also judging.

Visitors are welcome, however it is best to call first to make sure we can spend plenty of time showing you all the horses!

Our breeding program stems from the original family mare bloodlines which provide correct conformation, powerful hindquarters, and the hardiness that the Haflinger is known for. We continue to focus on all the qualities while enhancing movement and keeping with the good minded horse from the best picks Austria has to offer (where the Haflinger originates). It is important that our children are able to be around all of horses, stallions included, and can handle and manage the horses. It is important to mention our dedication to the Registered Haflinger Horse. All of our horses are pureblood according to the standards, and we offer no outcross breeding of any kind. We offer AI (Artificial Insemination) or shipped semen options on the stallions that we stand at our farm. We are able to take your mare from conception all the way through delivery, and even through weaning and showing at futurity of your foal!
We breed specifically to improve our current herd with 5 and 10 year goals in mind, and so we do not offer in utero purchases of our foals. We offer our foals for sale before weaning, and then again after futurity shows. We try to keep several gelding prospects to raise for our all around horses. Every foal bred by us carries the suffix MJW standing for Mike and Jacque Woodward. We still have some of the original Woodward mares having the suffix HFB standing for Mike’s family’s Haflinger Fohlen Bauer and our website still carries the hfbhaflingers.com to honor the tradition that runs very deep.