Lasting Legacy MJW

Sometimes life plans change. We welcomed back Lasting Legacy MJW (A Rock x Laney HFB ‘Winterschon CCF) in 2016.  Legacy was sold to Dr. Julia as a yearling. Fast forward three years and Julia was getting married to then man of her dreams and moving from her farm to the city! Julia contacted us and we are thrilled to have Legacy back at our farm! We look forward to starting her in our training program and with her impeccable pedigree with a Gold rated sire, silver rated mare who has a silver rated dam and gold rated sire, we know she will be a welcome asset to any breeding program later. Pictures are of Legacy this summer and when she was born on our farm as well as updated trail photos from 9-8-2018, her first rated western dressage show, along with the county fair.  Legacy is now 6 years old and we have been riding her and taking her out on trail rides at the American Electric Power Equine trail park!  She is great through the mud, goes in the water, and regulates herself naturally down the steep hills!  Legacy is suited for a confident intermediate rider as she is sensitive to leg aids and nicely responsive.  She can take you far!  She bathes, clips, loads etc great and has no vices.

Legacy attended her first show in the fall of 2018 at a Western Dressage Association of America USEF Lite approved show!  She debuted beautifully with scores in the 70’s! Legacy also attended the 2018 Coshocton County Fair for the week!  She stood in a tie stall for the week and was great with all the sights and sounds a county fair has to offer! Trail riding tied to the tie line turkeys are a daily appearance in the arena!

Trail riding in Sept 2018