turkeysJohnathan Woodward (age 11) has had a fascination with turkeys since he was 7. Since his mom, Jacque, is terrified of fowl of any kind, they held off on purchasing turkeys until Johnathan was old enough to be in 4-H. In 2015, he acquired his first set of Broad Breasted White Turkeys as well as a few Bronze turkeys. He raised all 12, never losing one bird. They were fed, watered, cared for, and walked daily, as well as fed their favorite treat, watermelon. With the Avian Bird Flu a threat in Ohio, all state and county fairs would not allow any live birds at the fairs. Coshocton County, however, did a great job for the children and had poster contest, showmanship with a fake fowl, best chicken wing contest, and judging contest! The youth were still allowed to have a carcass show, and sold the processed bird at auction. We would like to thank Bakersville Garage for purchasing Johnathans 2015 turkey at the Coshocton County Fair! Johnathan continued to raise turkeys and sell the processed birds for a great Thanksgiving!

After Johnathan raised his Broad Breasted Whites, he learned that because this is a commercially raised turkey, which because they grow so quickly, they are unable to mate naturally. He started researching turkey breeds and found a heritage breed of turkey called the Narragansett. The breed originates from Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, the result of a mating between domestic European turkeys brought to the United States, and the native eastern wild turkey. According to the Livestock Conservancy, the Narragansett is listed as a ‘Watch’ breed which means fewer than 5,000 breeding pair in the United States, with ten or fewer primary breeding flocks, and an estimated global population less than 10,000.

hfbturkey3Johnathan acquired his first breeding pair of Narragansett’s and his goal is to raise awareness of this heritage breed, their ability to mate naturally, are good mothers, and are good meat birds. In 2016, he started showing his Narragansett’s, and was awarded at the Ohio State Fair youth division, his hen, ‘Fredericka’ was first place old hen, and his tom, ‘Freddie’, was first place old tom. Freddie then went on to be named Grand Champion Breeding Turkey overall!

In November 2016, he set his goals to attend the Ohio National Poultry Show, which is the largest poultry show in North America with over 6,600 birds! He came home with first place young trio (tom, and two hens that he bred and raised) along with a 2nd place old hen, 2nd place old tom, and a first place young Tom, ‘Duke’ who ended up Reserve Grand Champion overall Turkey! Johnathan also Won the 11 year old showmanship division! His younger brother, Ty, was second place in the 6 and under division, with his call duck ‘Zuma’

We offer quality show Narragansetts, breeding pairs, and young poults. We ship all over the United States, (Just shipped a pair to Alaska in November 2016) and are NPIP certified. Please contact us about this wonderful breed! 740-829-2735. Also please like us on Facebook under Woodwards Turkeys!

We have young Narragansett hen/tom pairs for sale: $50.00 a pair, or $30.00 each.

Turkeys JD shipped to Alaska at their new home

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Congratulations to Johnathan Woodward, first place Junior Poultry Showmanship 2016 Coshocton County Fair

Congratulations to Johnathan Woodward, first place Junior Poultry Showmanship 2016 Coshocton County Fair

Johnathan went on to WIN Supreme Poultry Showmanship of ALL ages!

Johnathan went on to WIN Supreme Poultry Showmanship of ALL ages!


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