King Charles Cavaliers

We also love our registered King Charles Cavaliers!

Because of our horse loving obsession, it was easy to find the Cavalier!  Known for their sweet temperament, adoring personalities, and ability to warm any lap, we became the home of 4 Cavaliers!  Everyone lives in our home with us!

(photo 2015)

We have Dottie, our oldest, Tri female.  She is the sweetest girl, our Queen!

Rudy is our male, Blehnheim.  He is Jacque’s personal companion and never leaves her side, whether she is heading into town to the park, a car ride, or to work her horses, you will always see Rudy!

The princess, Miss Zoey entered our lives, a gorgeous Black and Tan!  Zoey knows she is the princess and is never not in someone’s lap!

Our Ruby Cavalier, Teddy, sadly came from our local animal shelter.  When Jacque saw his photo she knew she could never leave a Cavalier at a shelter and so Teddy rounds out our number 4!

We feel the Cavaliers make the perfect family companion, however not every family is able to afford upper end of these amazing dogs.  So we selectively, about once a year, breed either Zoey or Dottie to Rudy for a litter of AKC registered puppies.

We have already had our 2017 litters as Zoey had her first ever litter, with 3 ruby cavaliers and 1 black and tan!  Dottie had 6 beautiful puppies, a huge litter for a Cavalier!

If you would be interested in talking with us about a Cavalier puppy please contact us! or call 740-829-2735