Bergtraum TOF

When Mike and I talked about purchasing another stallion, the conversation always turned to the fact that we would import again. We feel the diversity of the lines is needed in North America and we have never been one to go with the ‘hype’ of the years new ‘it’ horse. But then, God always has a plan
Introducing Bergtraum TOF. An Austrian Imported ‘B’ line stallion. Imported by the great Tudor Oaks Farm from IL, this AHR Gold rated (top 1% in the world) is the ONLY B line Gold rated Stallion in North America. With a impeccable pedigree top and bottom By Bergdorf who is by Buchberg and out of the mare Delina, by World Champion Amadeus & full sister to World Champion, Abendstern, she my favorite mare. His dam, Celine by Walzertakt is some of the best foundation lines around. Bergtraum TOF is currently a driving horse, and is a big boy standing close to 16 hands. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and driving a few weeks ago and were impressed with everything we saw 
The B line is the most under developed stallion line of the 7 lines. We are excited to have this unique bloodline offered to North America
We cannot thank Jennifer Rousseau of Tudor Oaks Farm enough for her help and encouragement through all of this process.
Bergtraum TOF will be arriving in Ohio in a few short weeks, and will be standing to outside mares for 2019! Please contact us for more details!

$700 stud fee, Shipped semen and on farm AI available. Mare care $12.00 a day